Comparative Assessment Framework for Environments of Trauma Care

The NIH-funded project Comparative Assessment for Environments of Trauma Care (CAFE) (R01GM111324) aims to develop a web service that allows representatives in interested institutions to pre-assess the organizational structure of their trauma center or trauma system and to learn about possible optimizations. Users will answer a number of questions about the leadership and governance structure of their trauma center or trauma system. Based on their answers the service will create a graphical representation of the organizational structure. It will be possible for the users to compare their organizational structure to a typical trauma center or trauma system. This comparison will allow the dissemination of the best organizational structures across trauma centers and trauma systems.

A crucial component of this project is to create a shared terminology of trauma systems and trauma centers. It is developed in close collaboration with the American College of Surgeons Committee of Trauma. The terminology will be embedded in a computer-parsable ontology and it will be freely available from the internet.


November 2015

OOSTT Ontology

Framework Development

August 2016

REST Framework

Application Development

December 2017

Survey Online


February 2018

CAFE real-time Organogram


December 2019

Data Available for Research